Adoptierte Künstler

Bei ICAV bemühen wir uns, adoptierte Künstler zu fördern, da ihre Werke oft darstellen können, was Worte nur schwer vermitteln können. In Übereinstimmung damit, am jüngsten 9. September K-Box Adoptee-Übernahmenacht, Ra Chapman und ich wollten, dass der Abend eine Feier australischer international adoptierter Künstler wird. Einige ihrer Arbeiten konnten wir in einem Ausdruck als ZINE präsentieren, den Sie hier einsehen können:

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Andere adoptierte Künstler

Im Laufe der Jahre haben einige andere unglaubliche internationale Adoptivkünstler ihre Werke bei ICAV präsentiert. Hier ist eine Zusammenstellung dessen, was geteilt wurde. Klicken Sie auf das Bild und Sie gelangen zu ihrem Blog mit Kunstwerken.

Mental Balance and Art

von Jonas Haid, adopted from South Korea to Germany.

Everyone is talking about work life balance.

What about mental balance?

When I finished my B.A. in fashion design I realized that doing artwork and being creative is my favourite tool to take myself out of this world. At the same time I understood that creativity can’t be a part of my future career. Here are the reasons why:

1. I need inspiration to be creative.
2. If I’m in the creative process there is no alternative, if someone criticises my artwork, I take it personal.
3. If there is too much pressure, there is no way to produce an acceptable result. If the result isn’t perfect, I’m not satisfied as an artist

So, right now I’m earning my money as director of online marketing in a big agency. I protect my creativeness to relax and take my mind into other dimensions. So, I love working with data and building digital strategies, and I still think it’s important to love your job, but it’s also important to protect your personal needs and hobbies.

This special artwork is inspired by ICAV (InterCountry Adoptee Voices), a platform for intercountry adoptees to tell the world about their story. Thank you Lynelle Lang for investing your time to start this amazing organisation to help other adoptees around the world heal their souls.

The butterflies at not just random, I tried to find some from Korea, China, Vietnam and Indonesia which are also found in Europe and the rest of the world. These represent the various countries that many of ICAVs members were born in.

My message with my artwork for fellow adoptees:

Be strong, be real, be yourself.
No matter how much we’re craving for all the love we missed.
The old chapter is already written.
So take a deep breath an cheer up your confidence because there are so many chances. Just be open minded, inspired and warmed up from the love of your choice, start the first stroke of your own personal story.
You are one of a kind.


Other pieces of art that Jonas has shared at ICAV: Kunst aus dem Herzen, A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, The Caged Soul Mate.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Burden of a Mother by Jonas Haid

Sometimes I meet adult intercountry adoptees who have amazing talent to capture the intercountry adoption experience in a more powerful medium than words.

I’d love you to meet Jonas Haid, a South Korean adoptee raised in Germany. Here is his life journey along with the artwork he creates that says so much more than words! Together with his own personal experience and art he provides a powerful testament to the impact relinquishment and adoption has on our lives.

Thank you Jonas for being willing to share with us!