Video Resource Online Events

Would you like to meet the adoptees who participated in this Video-Ressource?
Are you interested in talking about some of the complexities we raise in this suite of videos?

ICAV is running an online event in a small group setting, so we can talk — openly and honestly, in a safe space.

To reserve your spot for this online event, we would appreciate a Geschenk to ICAV but if you can’t, then that’s no problem.
If gifting, please state if you want event communications to go to a different email address than the one being payed from – otherwise look out in your emails for a response from Lynelle Long.
Once your gift is received or if you can’t, contact ICAV and then we will email confirmation details for the online event.
Your gift will go towards reimbursing the adoptees in the panel.
If you have any questions, just Kontakt ICAV.

The event will be hosted by Lynelle Lang with 2 of the adoptees from the videos as guests. We will require you to watch the videos beforehand and bring your questions and thoughts to our event for discussion.

Australia Sunday Dec 5 @ 17:00-18:30 SYD; 13:00 PER; 16:30 ADE
Italy Rome @ 07:00
USA Los Angeles Saturday Dec 4 @ 22:00

If you would like to book a specific date/time for your group because this date & time doesn’t fit, please Wenden Sie sich an ICAV with your request.