A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Last der Mutter
Burden of a Mother by Jonas Haid

Sometimes I meet adult intercountry adoptees who have amazing talent to capture the intercountry adoption experience in a more powerful medium than words.

I’d love you to meet Jonas Haid, a South Korean adoptee raised in Germany. Here is his life journey along with the artwork he creates that says so much more than words! Together with his own personal experience and art he provides a powerful testament to the impact relinquishment and adoption has on our lives.

Thank you Jonas for being willing to share with us!

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  1. Brooke – Minneapolis, Minnesota – My name is Brooke and here’s the story: For too long I let fear dictate my life and it had such a hold on almost every aspect of my being. Something needed to change. I had to release my grip on fear and start walking towards bravery. So here is my story. One post at a time, one brave step at a time. I hope others will be able to acknowledge and embrace bravery throughout their own journeys, creating a community of people who share their brave together. I do not know all that this adventure will entail, but I do know this: I am strong and resilient, a firm believer in hope, and taking one step at a time into bravery. Will you join me?
    Brooke sagt:

    Very beautiful and powerful artwork!

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