Sophie Yi

ICAV Blogger

Sophie is a Chinese adoptee raised in the Boston area, MA, USA and adopted at 4 months of age from Nanjing, China. She grew up in a town that was relatively progressive and multicultural, yet still very white and affluent. Sophie has always been fascinated with early development and socialization and how some people are raised with certain seemingly invisible privileges, while others are not. For this reason, Sophie studied Sociology and Spanish at Bates College in Maine and was able to explore the different ways identities and groups influence people’s development, values and beliefs.

Sophie remains passionate about exploring these differences and building connection through lived experiences. She has recently begun to explore the concept of adoption and her own experience. When Sophie was young, she didn’t think of her adoption much and felt it was an experience that occurred in the past. Sophie is excited to explore and share some of her thoughts and understandings now while she is understanding adoption issues (which were always present) in new ways.

Sophie enjoys sharing stories with vulnerability in the hopes of creating connections through relatable experiences of humanity. Sophie believes listening and sharing is a key experience in healing from pain, trauma and adoption related issues. She hopes by sharing her thoughts and experiences, other adoptees and non-adoptees can find common ground and feel supported.

Sophie recently returned to Boston after finishing college and a fellowship year and is currently working for an organization called Apprentice Learning. Apprentice Learning works with various Boston Public Schools in 8th grade classrooms (12-13 year olds) and provides career-readiness skills and experiences in a first-time internship.

Currently Sophie serves on the board of an adoptee led organization called China Children’s International (CCI) as the Local Meet-Ups Coodinator. As a largely online community, CCI aims to provide support and connection for Chinese intercountry adoptees, in-person. In her role, Sophie works on programming for local cohorts of Chinese intercountry adoptees in various cities with activities such as casual hangouts, creative and artistic experiences, educational workshops, and more.

Sophie is excited to contribute and foster the in-person community of CCI. She aims to continue working into the future, both professionally and non-professionally, as an advocate to support the adoptee community, as well as organize inter-community connectedness.