Jesse Lassandro

ICAV Blogger

Jesse was abandoned into a Spanish orphanage at birth and adopted at age six by an American military couple. He endured a childhood of intense abuse and alcoholism and eventually made his escape as a teenager. After a long search, he reunited on his thirty-sixth birthday with his birthmother, full brother, other birth family members and country. In 2001, Jesse moved to Spain for eight years. He supported himself as a full-time solo musician.

Jesse has just retired from a long career as a child and family social worker and lives in Montana, USA. He has been active throughout his life supporting children, family and adoption causes as well as founding and leading a search and support group for triad members. In addition to music, Jesse is a published poet and is writing a book about his reunion and music experiences for his children.

He wrote the mi boreal interior collection of poems throughout his reunion experiences which are presented at ICAV.