Australian Services for IC Adoptees

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Color of Difference sequel project with ISS Aust, Fed Govt DSS, Benevolent Society, & ICAV

Thanks to the hard work and advocacy of our ICAV members, community partners, and largely thanks to Federal Government Department of Social Services (DSS) who have made it possible by actively listening to us and responding!

Intercountry adoptees in Australia now have access to free services nationwide.

Below is a summary of the Federal funded services in Post Adoption space for adult intercountry adoptees:

For free Psychological Counselling, contact LifeWorks Counselling Service

For free Search & Reunification services, contact International Social Services (ISS) Australia

For answers to any questions relating to Intercountry adoption not in scope for psychologists or searching services, adoptees can contact the Federal Intercountry Adoption Australia hotline e.g. visa / passport questions, sending country contacts or queries, other adoption services in your state/territory.