Nicolas Beaufour

ICAV Europe Representative

Nicolas (aka PARK Hyun Choon) is a Korean adoptee residing in France.

Nicolas is married with two children from a previous union and works as an IT project manager for several different multinationals’ companies like Servair (Air France subsidiary company) and Huawei Technologies.

Nicolas has returned three times to Korea. The first time was just for leisure and a honeymoon, the second time was to reunite with his father, the third time was to spend more time with his Korean family and learn more about his birth culture. Recently he was able to reconnect with his mother and started an exchange through messaging applications while waiting to meet her. His family have been very supportive and keep on helping him in his journey toward his homeland.

Nicolas has been involved in the French Korean adoptee association Racines Coréennes and has been involved in the organisation of web conferences on the topic of Searching for one’s Roots. He is an active blogger at H Story and strives to raise awareness about adoption for those who don’t speak English very well, in the second biggest adopting country of Korean adoptees (France) and the fifth largest receiving country of intercountry adoptees.