Min Mednis

SA Representative

Min is a Thai adoptee residing in South Australia (SA). She has a Bachelor degree in Psychology and is currently studying her Masters in Counselling. She is passionate about working with people and has a soft spot for those considered marginalised or different.

Min currently works as a case manager/counsellor for children in an early intervention program. She has previously worked in adult mental health and has been a mentor for adopted children. Min hopes to develop and expand her skills in all areas relating to counselling and mental health. She is particularly passionate about providing counselling and support for adoptees of all age.

Min was adopted at the age of 6 from Thailand into an Australian family. She has fond clear memories of her life in the Thai orphanage. Min decided to return and visit her homeland and reconnect with the orphanage and her Thai culture after 16 years in Australia. She has returned twice, her most recent journey a short trip as an invited guest speaker to prospective adoptive parents in Thailand about her adoption experience. Min was given the opportunity to establish a good relationship with the Thai adoption agency and fellow Thai adoptees.