Kristopher Hinz

VIC Representative

Kristopher was adopted from Sri Lanka to Melbourne, Australia at six months of age. He has grown up with cerebral palsy and has two other siblings (including one intercountry and one local adoptee) in a Caucasian family. Kristopher struggled throughout his schooling to find support or validation regarding the racism he experienced but soon discovered an outlet through writing and went on to study journalism for his undergraduate degree.

After completing his Masters degree in Public Relations, Kristopher began to open up publicly (including to his family) about the effects of racism on his life. As many were quick to dismiss the discrimination he faced as a result of ableism and not racism, he made contact with other adoptees in an attempt to reach out for support. He is now a passionate advocate for articulating the difficult nature of the challenges which some disabled transnational adoptees face.

You can read more from Kristopher at his blog.