Kadijatu Leigh

European Representative

Kadijatu is a transracial intercountry adoptee from Sierra Leone, Africa, who knows very little about her early childhood. She was adopted by white parents into New Zealand at the age of three and a half and was raised in a big family that lived in a white rural society. She is currently residing in the Netherlands.

Kadijatu was able to stay in contact with her biological father over the years, which she treasured as she was able to find out a little more about her childhood. Her professional background is in the beauty industry, where she worked as a hairstylist for 8 years. As much as she loved that experience, she felt it wasn’t the career she wanted for the rest of her life. She has a passion to help others and to bring awareness to sexual abuse in adoptive homes, in the future she hopes to become a counsellor.

Having experienced hardship and struggles in her adoptive home, she wants to use those struggles to help others. She created a blog called The Healing Embrace to share advice and experiences related to her life as an adoptee.

Her main goal is to grow a community where adoptees can shed light to adoptive parents about the struggles adoptees go through. Kadijatu is proud to work with ICAV as a representative and will continue supporting adoptees. She is passionate about raising awareness of sexual abuse in adoptive homes to help younger generation of adoptees be raised in safer environments.