Juliette Lam

ICAV Blogger

Juliette is an intercountry adoptee of Chinese Indian origins, born in Malaysia in 1972 and adopted to the UK at 2 months old. Unlike the UK, Malaysia remains a closed record country for adoptees.

Certified in coaching and a portfolio of psychometric tools, Juliette has been designing and delivering adult learning and development in large corporations for over a decade. She currently works as an Associate Coach & Facilitator with an innovative company who offer online coaching programmes fully supported by coaches.

Juliette brings a reflective learning style to her writing about adoption aiming to allow others to explore their own experiences creatively and offer ways of changing the perspective for impact.

Juliette would love to build a tailored coaching programme for adoptees in the near future. She currently lives with her husband in South London and aims to give her own and other adoptee experiences clarity through writing and in doing so, advocate for adoptee rights.

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