Emma Pile

ICAV Europe Representative

Emmanuelle Hebert is born in India and was adopted to France in 1977 at the age of two and a half. She keeps a deep attachment for her country of origin which leads her to cross the North of the country from Goa to Sikkim on three occasions, from Bombay to Darjeeling, via Manali, Pushkar, Dehli, Varanasi, and more particularly Calcutta, capital of West Bengal where she was born.

Emma is also a freelance writer, passionate about the notion of transmission, she explores the field of biographical narration.

She’s involved in the French association for adoptees, La Voix des Adoptés (LVDA), and she campaigns for the recognition of illegal adoptions in France. Emma is a founding member of this collective named RAIF (collective pour la reconnaissance des adoptions illégales), made up of adoptees and adoptive parents, who launched a petition in February 2021 to ask the French government for a commission of inquiry so that illegal practices in intercountry adoption since the 1970s, are finally investigated.