Online Panel: InterCountry Adoptee Experiences

Today we had an online panel with 6 intercountry adoptees representing the sending countries of Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh, & Sri Lanka.  It was awesome to hear the variety of experiences and thoughts.

To view the panel click on the link below, keep in mind the first 5mins we experienced network issues but from then onwards, the video is clear and understandable.  Well done to our fellow inter-country adoptees for being brave and speaking out!

Huge thank you to Pascal Huynh who has created, directed and facilitated these panels.

Click here for a transcript of my section on Why Post Adoption Support is Important and here for all the Online Adoption Panel Series relevant to intercountry Adoption.

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  1. The issue of adoptees growing up with racism was an eye opener for me. I think it would be that most non Anglo Saxon immigrants to Australia would have had to face and deal with racism but for many ICA they had to deal with it in the immediate and extended family that adopted them.great panel.

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